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Já dei desconto de amigos e família.
EurLex-2 en (b) by a final account for each person liable, calculated after the end of the 12-month period concerned, como conseguir dinheiro no asphalt 8 on the basis of the actual excess during this same period beyond his annual reference quantity." pt b) Descontos baseados em objectivos: disposições que condicionem.EurLex-2 en 113 The Commission states, with regard to the conditions attached to the rebate system, the benefit of which was conditional upon an undertaking to obtain supplies of BG products exclusively, that cupon mania carulla the only conduct admissible for a dominant firm is competition on the.E o que quer que seja.Gostaria que me desse um desconto.Maybe I'll sell my claim at discount.And you figure you'll be getting this discount.Pt " Blumberg Loja de Arvores de Natal com desconto "?EurLex-2 en 69 As regards the alleged breach of budgetary rules, the defendant points out that the Community budget is not affected by the deduction in question, even if part of the amount was paid into a special account opened for the purpose of giving.
The NOK 10 million rebate is in subsequent reports and correspondence referred to as the 30 rebate (or sorteios da lotofacil the approximately 30 rebate ).

EurLex-2 en This document, dated, sent by Anek to Karageorgis, Minoan and Strintzis, refers to the "telexes exchanged between the four companies regarding the price policy for the Patras-Ancona route" where Anek confirms that "our agreement concerns the passenger, passenger cars and truck vehicles fares.EurLex-2 en Moreover, it submits that the fact that the large builders demanded a large rebate was merely part of their purchasing strategy and did not constitute an instrument for limiting competition.Pt O desconto autorizado depende do montante da encomenda, podendo variar entre 5.I thought we were getting a family discount.To its sales, as well.EurLex-2 en From the investigation conducted by the Commission it appears that among all fuel retailers, few operators are currently selling motor fuel at a discount price: some white pump operators are currently pricing at between 0,1 and 0,4 F/litre below the maximum prices, and.Patronal, para a CGA e para a adse.Uma política de descontos baseada em tabelas de descontos quantidade/valor exacto, orgânicas e transparentes, aplicadas de modo uniforme e não discriminatório" (v.I am not leaving here without a discount.Conjugar a forma verbal, você quiz dizer: descontar, estes exemplos podem conter palavras rudes baseadas nas suas pesquisas.

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