Chief Marketing Officer Mike Kappitt said breakfast produced 12 percent of the company's income, but that was only half of what McDonald's made.
The customers will feel comfortable dining in Burger King.
This is an increase of the percentage of cage free products from 9 of egg purchases and 20 of pork purchases the company made in 2008.
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Alva, Marilyn (August 3, 1987).Then, you should click on the orange Next button."Burger King Offers Cage-Free Food".Retrieved January 23, 2011.Archived from the original on July 10, 2011.To use a promotion code, visit the merchant page of your choosing, click copy, and enter your code at checkout to see your total shrink!Retrieved October 4, 2007.
"Burger King Picks Pepsi".

In parts of Europe, salads are sold under the "King Delight" or "LA Range" banner.
"Burger King's 'Superfan' Might Just Be Your Grandma".
Notes 24 Products edit An in-store advertisement for Burger King's Burgers for Breakfast program The range of products sold usually depends on the time of day.